Ms. Misc

Rich: Barbed Wire Tie and Ivy: Gothic Tee

Ivy: Gothic Tee , Anthony John "I love Tit Tees" tee

Jackson: "I love Tit Tees" tee, Vicky: "I love my Tit Tees" tee, Jordan: Ace of Hearts tee

Thank you all for your birthday wishes and lovely comments. I really love reading all of your blogs and making new blogger friends! You rock!

Someone asked if I design and make all of the shirts..YES! I do it all! I am the art director behind the photo shoots and I am also designing the website which is under construction... www.tittshirts.com.

I am going to be doing another photo shoot soon and will have lots of new photo and video content, but until then I decided to post some miscellaneous Tit Tees pics.

I am going to add the Dirty Tee and the Red Flame dress to the store for you to match with this AA mesh dress. These Aldo, Balmain knockoffs go great with the mesh dress and red flame tee..plus they are surprisingly comfy.

If you are in NY.. this is the last weekend to catch the Alex Bag's video installation at the Whitney Museum. I saw it last Friday night and it blew my mind. So irreverent and hilarious. Read about it here. We didn't even get to finish watching the video when the museum guards told us it was time to go home. It was that good.

On Saturday I attended the KKK (Jeff Koons, Terrence Koh, and Mike Kelley) opening at Mary Boone Gallery. I wasn't too enthralled, but they did take my photo for Interview magazine. Maybe it will make it in? :)

Good Passover and Happy Easter for those who celebrate!


filthy lust said...

wow wow wow!! nice work. would love to get my hands on some of them.

CaraMia ♥Hippie Couture♥ said...

fabulous T's and your models are fierce!

Maverick "Mavi" Malone said...

Oh...these pictures are SOOO fabulous!! I LOVE them :D SO professional looking!

xoxo, mavi

Anonymous said...

great post,

have a nice easter


Anonymous said...

you guys take the best pics!


Amazing work, the photos came out really well!! Keep it up, your t's look great!

Ashford said...

your models are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing I love, it's a good tit pun. Kudos to you.