Collage using screen shots from STP's "Interstate Love Song" directed by Kevin Kerslake

As you can see..I'm still on my 90's binge. So, in order to complete my full 90's look I need a fluffy, shaggy, feathery, downright over-the-top coat. There was a bit of a glam revival in the 90's, but it wasn't like 70's glam.. it had more grit. The feathery 90's jacket was dirty. I've been searching for 90's music videos that feature the crazy fluffster, but all I could find was Shirley's shaggy one in the "Vow" video and Scott's pink feather one in "Interstate Love Song". I am aware of the abundance of fluffy, shaggy and feathery vests this season, but they're not the same. If you are gonna go for the look..you gotta go full on.

You can thank me for finding several affordable options. I want one in every color.

reddish pink 90's blue multi purple (each color is a link to a coat)

Try to ignore the cheesiness of the smiling model in the links above. I have a strong feeling that the jackets will look dope on anyone else. Oh.. and if you are thinking.."What do I need a coat for? I'm already thinking about spring". Well, we have two more months of winter to go, and I'll be wearing mine throughout the summer.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog
keep it up
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your sweet comment, i really do appreciate it!


syd vicious said...

yay for 90's binges and the fluffy jacket is cool!

Christen said...

How can you ever go wrong with neon pink faux fur? :) Love!

mom & son said...

I love this blurry photo effect.

la flore et la faune . com said...

Reminds me of Lynch's Mulholland Drive...

Susan said...

love that collage!
thanks again for the giveaway, I am so happy! ;)))

JordanMayTwigs said...

You are too fucking cute!!!

My friend Robbie found a KILLLERRRRRRRRRRR rainbow fur// fluffy coat last winter.
I would love to wear it.
But he refuses to let me :(

Trust me darling I TRIED!!!!!!!!!
But no he wouldn't let me.
Oh well I guess I'll have to purchase my own.

Your in New York right??!
Have you tried Trash And Vaudvile on St Marks?!?!
I've seen a few decently cute ones.
For about $40.00!!

Peace Love && Lipstick


Damsels said...

rigth now im wondering where you find such awesome 90s photos

Le Desire said...

hey i love the legging and shoes could you pls link me to ur blog

apparellel said...

love, love, love scott weiland!! when i was doing nineties research i found one fluffy pink/yellow jaceket that chanel did. its like this one, if i remember it correctly. awww...the 90's i can't believe they are back/have been back. so crazy!!