Take me to LadyLand

me, Janina Flohn, and Kelle Calco

Janina Flohn, and Lady Valtronic

Kelle Calco and David McCullough

Marc Halcomb, and Andrew Mukamal

Lady Valtronic

me and Janina Flohn

El Grace

Janina Flohn

Tom Karl

Miss Guy, Kelle Calco, and Ian El Dorado

El Grace

Tom Karl and Miss Guy

Kayc Deville

me: Ash Fox
LadyLand at the Hudson Hotel- all photos by El Grace

If you're longing for the glory days of Studio 54 when it was all about Jagger, Jerry, and Warhol...
If you weren't even an embryo when Blondie played CB's, and the Stones reigned, but were born with rock n' roll in your veins...

..follow Club Calco to Ladyland.

No, it's not a harem with naked women sprawled out on Moroccan rugs, or a phantasmagorical lake with mermaids and fairies...it's the newest rock party at the Hudson Hotel.
Kelle Calco, and Miss Guy, spin everything from the New York Dolls, to Aerosmith and Metallica. Sexy hosts, Dynamite Dave & Nathianial John of The Party Death, Tommy Hotpants, Andrew Mukamal, Niko Liakaris, and Ian El Dorado hold court in the mahogany Library Room, while glamtastic ladies and gents sip champagne. Last week raged. Even Debbie Harry made an appearance. There's nothing like letting your hair go wild, workin' up a sweat, grooving to a solo, while boppin' to a drumbeat. Janina Flohn and I will be dancing all night long. Come play!

"LADYLAND : A ROCK N ROLL DANCE PARTY about Love, Light, Laughter, Ecstasy, Inebriation, Grit, and Glamour spreading and celebrating the spirit of a real and infectious musical sound which christened a lifestyle of liberation, libation, and celestial satisfaction. This is a place for souls who know that god still needs guitars and hearts don't beat to a click track. As one million dreamers tap their toes and tune into Jagger's lips and lyrics spitting on and all about the streets of New York....the very streets that we’re groovin on tonight.....we will be the faces they dream of, and this, my friend, is where those faces will meet. Come play with fire and paint it black. Come dance, little sister, dance with a motley cast of muppets, models, and musicians every Thursday at The Library in Hudson Hotel, Hell's Kitchen, NYC. EVERY THURSDAY, 11 PM – 4 AM"


Royal said...

Amazing photos. looked like a sexy night.

mika said...

great picts!!!!

you look so cool!


michelle_ said...

lovely photos ! my fave is the 2nd one :)


Ashley said...

These photos are completely amazing.
They have a David-Bowie vibe to me.

And um..
is that THE Andrew Mukamal !?
Wow! What an incredible crowd you role with :)
Damn girl I want to go dancing at a rock n roll party!

rouli said...


amazin post!!!!!!!!!

love love love all these outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!


pls come visit and join!!!!!!



coco said...

Great photos.

fhen said...

such fun pictures!



Awesome photos! Lovely blog...

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, gorgeous!
You are a total rock star!


TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

These photos are amazing! The lights are really cool!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You always look GOR-GEOUS! These pictures are totally worthy of The Cobra Snake! :)

Susan said...

oh wow... wish I could visit. you cool people... :)))

Clare said...

These photos look straight out of a magazine. You are totally living the rockstar life!

Cindy Whitehead said...

Look like fun - wish I lived closer!

E said...

These make me NYC like nothing else. Jealous jealous jealous of this lifestyle.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Great great great shots! You seem to have such a groovy life my dear!

What I especially love about you and your blog is that you follow Your style. You are the wonderful You!

J. said...

Seriously wish I could be there! Looks beautiful and bad...good combination...

KALIN said...

Great photos- looks like a fun time.

XO, Neuter Kalin

Kristin said...

Wow does that look freaking fun. You won't find anything look that in good old FLA. HA!

Anonymous said...

Fuk yeah, wish I was closer to stop by, u're all so Hot!!!


Raez said...

hot hot hot photos! looks like shitloads of fun!

xx raez

Beth Ruby said...

Awesome photos! Love the one of El Grace especially :D
Looks like you had a killer time!

Rianna Bethany said...

absolutely incred pics
Rianna xxxxx

apparellel said...

looks like fun and you look stunning as usual!


J said...

great shots. fun page.

Audrey Allure said...

Amazing photos!

Raji said...

Ahh looks like a lot of fun
You look beautiful

Henry said...

nice photos!! looks like a fun night!

Blicious said...

love these pics!!!


May Kasahara said...


Raquel said...

love your top!

Adri said...

It looked like you partying in another era...I sure am jealous!

AR said...

What surreal images and characters to boot! You look awesome as always.