Ladyland with Papermag.com, Stylelikeu, and Breedlove

parker millar
tommy hottpants
lily mandelbaum and elisa goodkind the creators stylelikeu.com
Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, the mother/ daughter visionary duo behind Stylelikeu.com came by to film a special for NYCTV. I've been a big fan of stylelikeu for a while now, so I was honored to be breifly interviewed by them. The special aired during Fashionweek and will hopefully will be posted online. Stylelikeu is a treasure chest of inspiration. On the surface it's a site about visual style, but when you watch the videos you see it's about the many ways people express themselves. The clothes only tell part of the story. The other day I passed a young man on the street with a pony tail, a flannel shirt wrapped around his waist, and a pipe in his mouth. His look was very 90s Seattle, but the pipe intrigued me. I think the success of stylelikeu is that we've all had these ephemeral moments where we're visually arrested by a person and wish we could hear their story...Stylelikeu gives us the chance.

ann courtney of motherfeather
jaster leon of the party death and victoria walla
ashley jane meyers
richard kennedy
zeph o'hara of the colored boys
ian el derado and kelle calco
me / ash fox
Ladyland at the Hudson Hotel Library Room from September 2, 2010
Photographed by ASH FOX Edited by KELLE CALCO
me/ Ash Fox by Alexander Thompson for Papermag.com
me and Nathanial John by Mario Manzoni. Check out his work at Famelust
caught in the act by Richard Kennedy. See his work at The House of Badkids
I wasn't the only one snapping away that night. Killer photographers Mario Manzoni, and Richard Kennedy documented the fun and Alexander Thompson of Paper Magazine shot some photos for an article on Kelle Calo and Ladyland. The night was capped off by a memorable performance by Breedlove and his hoola-hoop dancers. What a night!
LADYLAND : A ROCK N ROLL DANCE PARTY about Love, Light, Laughter, Ecstasy, Inebriation, Grit, and Glamour spreading and celebrating the spirit of a real and infectious musical sound which christened a lifestyle of liberation, libation, and celestial satisfaction. This is a place for souls who know that god still needs guitars and hearts don't beat to a click track. As one million dreamers tap their toes and tune into Jagger's lips and lyrics spitting on and all about the streets of New York....the very streets that we’re groovin on tonight.....we will be the faces they dream of, and this, my friend, is where those faces will meet. Come play with fire and paint it black. Come dance, little sister, dance with a motley cast of muppets, models, and musicians every Thursday at The Library in Hudson Hotel, Hell's Kitchen, NYC. EVERY THURSDAY, 11 PM – 4 AM"


daisychain said...

awesome post girl, you are too fabulous for words

Oracle Fox said...

These pics are awesome!! I feel like we miss out on so much here in Australia it's just a different culture! From one fox to another, I love your blog!



E said...

These photos are so nostalgically '90s, I just want to dig out my docs and flannel and take a pilgrimage to Seattle. Seriously though, just loaded with inspiration. These could easily cover a mood board.

mom & son said...

awesome and stylish people,
like to see them!
what a night!

Susan said...

so cool!

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Dying over Ann's look! Her top, her necklaces...ahhhhh, so gorg!

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These are totally awesome pictures!

Hope you can enter the giveaway at my blog!


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These photos are wonderful! Wish I could've been there!

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wow these was fun indeed i know

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wow looked awesome party

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how amazing are these pix?! great post! :)

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wow the pictures are so awesome..
thanks for sharing..