Ladyland of Kings and Queens

me/ Ash Fox and The Queen of Hearts

Kelle Calco and Nathanial John of The Party Death

Tommy Hottpants

Eddy Fetty

Tara Foxx

me/ Ash Fox sporting my 90s Craft-chic look

Tara Foxx and Dani Baum

Ladyland at the Hudson Hotel Library Room from August 12, 2010

photos shot by ASH FOX photos edited by KELLE CALCO

This particular Ladyland evening was special in that fellow blogger The Queen of Hearts made an appearance. I knew we'd hit off. She's one of few fashion devotees I've met who doesn't seem to have Chanel blinders over her eyes. She thinks beyond fashion trends and focuses on issues in the fashion industry that reflect issues in our society. Her blog is not just a soapbox, but a platform for dialogue. I love reading her readers comments. Blogger meet-ups are the BEST.
Whose coming this week?

LADYLAND : A ROCK N ROLL DANCE PARTY about Love, Light, Laughter, Ecstasy, Inebriation, Grit, and Glamour spreading and celebrating the spirit of a real and infectious musical sound which christened a lifestyle of liberation, libation, and celestial satisfaction. This is a place for souls who know that god still needs guitars and hearts don't beat to a click track. As one million dreamers tap their toes and tune into Jagger's lips and lyrics spitting on and all about the streets of New York....the very streets that we’re groovin on tonight.....we will be the faces they dream of, and this, my friend, is where those faces will meet. Come play with fire and paint it black. Come dance, little sister, dance with a motley cast of muppets, models, and musicians every Thursday at The Library in Hudson Hotel, Hell's Kitchen, NYC. EVERY THURSDAY, 11 PM – 4 AM"


The Queen of Hearts said...

OMG I love you! I can't believe I only made it to ONE of these fantastic parties before having to fly the coup : ( Anyone who hasn't gone needs to GO and if you're visiting the city -- be THERE, because there really isn't anywhere else to be honestly...

syd vicious said...

love the pix, looks like such fun!

Kristin said...

I wish I could say I was coming. Le sigh. February baby!

duckalicious said...

Chanel blinders, good one!
I'm definitely checking her out

JordanMayTwigs said...




Anonymous said...

you are just TOO HOT

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Amazing photography and peeps. What a party... and great fashion inspiration.


pirat_E said...

never a disappointment! have a good week...


thesydneygirl said...

awesome piccies!!! :) looks like it was fun! x

Style with Benefits said...

Always love seeing your fun party pics. The weekly rock n roll dance parties sounds like a hell of a time! You look great as always!

xx, becs

AR said...

I totally get your 90s look. It's great on you, and great photographs. You capture the atmosphere of this party so well.

Beckerman Girls said...

This party looks outtta control fun!!!!! Wish we coulda been there!!! Love what you are wearing! Sooo frickin' cool!!!
Big kisses,
xox Beckerman Girls