Behind the scenes...

This past August was our first full scale Tit Tees photo shoot. It was shot by Eric Nirina at the W Hotel. There were 11 models, 2 stylists, 1 art director, and 1 makeup artist, all packed into a W luxury suite. Complete madness!

The song playing is "Rockstarlivin" by NYC band The Dirty Pearls. If you are ever in NYC when the Pearls are playing you gotta go see them! They are a total balls out, in your face, good ol' fashioned rock n'roll band..the kind you've had a hankering for since the early 90's. Love em'.


Next week I will be posting an interview with Tommy London, frontman for the Dirty Pearls and I will be styling him for The Dirty Pearls' next show, April 25th at the Bowery Ballroom.


Maverick said...

Omg, this is brilliant!! I'm working on launching a tee line, as well and this is such an inspiration! :D

It must have been such a fun experience, I'm so envious! The Pearls sound rockin, I'm going to check out their Myspace :)

xx. mavi

proudly says, said...

very gorgeous ladies in video!

ey, you're so gorgeous and i wish i was as sexy as you.

p.s. pls let me know if you're interested in exchanging links. thanks.


Song of Style said...

looks like a very fun photoshoot!!
the name of ur t shirt brand is brilliant!

Stardust and Sequins said...

you saw Agyness in person? amaziingness :-)


♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you<3

Anonymous said...

ohh I totally enjoyed watching that video, looks like you got some nice photo results...atleast from what I can see from the filming. ...with a feminist punch...haha i like that.

Royal said...

Awesome! Total Love!

Dooder City said...

Very cool stuff.

proudly says, said...

thank you soo much!
i appreciate your comments.

Ashford said...

really cute video! looks like A LOT of work.
I'm helping to plan an accessories photo shoot at the W in New Orleans right now. I hope it looks this good.

miky said...

heheheh this is amazing!!!!

it must have been fun!!!