Cameron Justice Shoot for Brownstone Mag

Feather Tee

I love my Tit Tees Tee

Rocktress Tank and Sailor Tie

Cameron met me at my place and said we were going to do a quick shoot. Little did he know I had about 5 outfits planned. He stayed for over an hour and we had fun chatting about Tit Tees and his photography.

Check out the Brownstone article by Lauren Furlong here



Anonymous said...

the sailor tie is amazing!

not an artist, but i do make lots of my own clothes for fun!

i'm a musician. i play flute with the san antonio symphony and have a music studio where i work with clients one on one. it's a fun job but it took a lot of hard work to become established!

Tiana Couture's Addict said...

So rock! love those photos! beautiful and amazing girl!Very NICE shooting!^^love it

xoxoxo Miss

Ashford said...

oh wow, badass

grace said...

unreal. this is prime shit! keep posting photos. and tell me IMMEDIATELY when you have a date for a showing.

Jager said...

the shoot is perfection! love seeing fellow NYU students doing amazing things. (i just graduated from tisch.)