So much in store...

Tit Tees was founded in NYC in 2007 as a streetwear label for ladies and gents that produces limited edition designs―each intricately crafted, but rough around the edges. Every Tit Tee is different, because Tit Tees are handmade and we choose to leave evidence of human handcraftsmanship. Today, most streetwear labels outsource and mass produce. Our brand philosophy is to support business at home and provide our customers with a product that is uniquely their own. The name Tit Tees is a punk rock statement of body love with a feminist punch.

This will be the place for Tit Tees style inspirations, behind the scenes videos, images from photo-shoots, event listings, and interviews with NYC musicians, artists, and models.

Tit Tees are sold in stores in the tri- state area. Our online store is coming soon.

For any shopping inquiries e-mail ttclothing@gmail.com !


Anonymous said...

really cool tat!

Trixie La Belle said...

Seems great, can't wait for lots of new posts. I can tell you'll be a sensation :D