Bad Reputation

As much as I love a good film, I rarely go the movies. The truth is, most Hollywood films bore me. Films intended for a female audience (chick flicks) tend to be embarrassing to our sex. That being said, I'm dying to see the "The Runaways", because not only is it one of my favorite genres, a biopic, it's a rock biopic about one of the first all girl rock bands. Of course I'm going in with the expectation that the story will play like a glorified "Behind the Music" episode. For some reason the cliché "sex, drugs and rock n' roll” story entices me again and again. Even if “The Runaways” script is mediocre at best, we can still expect a killer wardrobe and soundtrack.

When I heard Kristen Stewart would be playing Joan Jett, I was skeptic. However, after seeing the trailer I can't imagine any other actress who could wear Joan's iconic mullet as well as Kristen.

I watched a few recent performances and interviews with Joan Jett, and she happens to be vibrant as ever. I love female rockers, because they refuse to shrivel up and go into hiding. Like Souxsie, and Chrissie, Joan is in her 50's and can still pull off an all leather-clad ensemble. The photo on the upper left hand corner of my collage is RECENT! Again, it's my theory..stay creative, do what you love, and nature will reward you.

I came across these two great interviews in which Joan spawns the following quotes...

"People say are you a tough girl? I mean can handle myself if I need to, but I don't go around looking for trouble".

"I want a certain sort of fame. When they write the ultimate rock n' roll history book, I want my name to be there, standing for something."

"People always said to me, 'Why don't you dress like a girl? Why don't you wear a dress, wear your hair different or have a lighter image?’..Even if I were still in school I wouldn't have gone to prom, I wouldn’t put on a prom dress for any money. No way! That's like posing nude for me."


I didn't go to prom either. We need more role models like Joan Jett..and every little girl should have Joan Jett Barbie.


Jigsaw Feeling

With the abundance of black and goth inspired fashion on the Fall '09 runways, I found it absurd that no magazine did a Siouxsie Sioux inspired editorial. Interview magazine's December cover of Penelope Cruz was the only thing that came close, with Penelope channeling Siouxsie's signature eye makeup and eyebrows. John Richmond paid homage in his Spring 2010 collection with Siouxsie graphic tees. Unfortunately, I'll never own one, since John Richmond still hasn't opened an NYC location.

It goes with out saying what a sick performer and vocalist Siouxsie is, but her style is unsurpassed. I love the way she makes classic black and white interesting. She would often perform in a tuxedo. A tux is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear..blows mini skirts out of the water. It shouldn't come as a suprise that I idolize this woman. Notice the tee! My collage focuses mostly on her face, but you can easily google her and find plenty of over the top outfits.

Classic Tracks.. "Christine", "Jigsaw Feeling", "Metal Postcard", "Cities in Dust", "Oh Baby"

Happy Holidays!


Rock Show

Ace of Hearts tee

Found these shots while digging through an old hard drive. These were shot by Eric Nirina, Summer '08 at the Bailterspace Bowery Ballroom show.


Beauty Crisis Vintage

Photos by Worm Carnevale, Clothes by Beauty Crisis Vintage

It was a total ball being transformed through three decades of fashion. Eva Weiss owns an amazing eclectic vintage store in the East Village, Beauty Crisis Vintage. If you are local or are visiting Manhattan anytime soon, be sure to stop by her shop. You can also shop Beauty Crisis Online here. I interviewed Eva to learn a bit more about her love of vintage...

How long have you been collecting vintage? What was your first piece of vintage clothing?

I have been collecting vintage since I was around 16 .. the first memorable piece was a 1940's men's wool trench coat, with pinstripes. I wore it all the time.

What is your favorite period in fashion?

30's and 40's for fit and textures but 70's but functionality. The 70's were kind of a modified 40's, but less structured. Wide leg pants, fitted blazers, high waisted, masculine but sexy.

How would you describe your personal style?

Soccer mom meets East Village. Preppy and classic with a bit of an edge.

What are some popular trends in vintage clothing? What are your best sellers?

80's is not dying off and seems here to stay. 60's and 70's is selling will. Michelle Obama has brought the classic cardi back, which has helped a lot. The biggest recent trend is sweater clips, which have been featured in the TV show GLEE. I have sold 15 in last few weeks. (will send or upload pics to website.

Describe your favorite vintage piece.

A fully sequined Sweater / jacket. It is a AB sequin and has floral swirls with cut outs in between the florals. It was hand made in Hong Kong in the 1960's. I found it at the Fairfax flea market, under a table in a Mexican woven handbag. It costs $10!! I still have it in store as my iconic piece.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

Katherine Hepburn and Coco Chanel (obvious but the truth) are the first two who come to mind, but I have many ..

Do you find your store attracts a particular kind of client?

I seem to attract ladies who like something that sparkles! I tend to load up the jewelry in the front window and I think that is what pulls them in. My repeat customers come back because I always give them good prices and will answers loads of questions. I get a lot of people looking for last minute stuff and I am glad to help them find it. Hence, the name, Beauty Crisis!


Beauty Crisis Preview

Worm Carnevale snapped these Polaroids while I had my hair and makeup done for the Beauty Crisis Shoot.

I'll be posting the shots from the shoot and a interview with Eva Weiss, owner of Beauty Crisis Vintage in the next few days..


Chrissie Cool

A thick tie usually brings to mind a wall street shark in an ill fitting, boxy cut suit..or Chrisse Hynde. She is one of the few people who can make a thick tie look cool. Beauty and confidence seems to radiates from her. I think the secret to staying eternally young and beautiful is not necessarily being a vegan (in Chrissie's case) but continually creating, dreaming, chipping away at new ideas and attempting to contribute to society. I had a professor in college who was so vibrant and young in both spirit and appearance..he looked no older than 60..the man was a 77 year old artist (he was one of the first people to experiment with video as an artform and continues to make and show his work.

The Pretenders released their new album "Break up the Concrete" a few months ago. Her voice is pure and crisp, her iconic pop/rock songs are girl power anthems. She is constantly on tour bringing unsurpassed energy. Chrissie forbids meat products from entering the venues she plays. Beauty is standing by your convictions. Chrissie Hynde is one of the few celebrity rockers who has not been injected, cut open, and molded. I love Chrissie's natural low maintenance look, her signature bangs, her t-shirts and jeans.

I do a lot of ranting here on some of my heroes, but it's because there are very few mainstream celebrities who aren't famous for any reason other than being what our current mainstream society thinks is valuable.. fame for fame's sake. The idea of internal beauty is a commonplace truism, but credit should be given when credit is due. I like to use my blog as a platform to recognize creators who have a strong personal aesthetic that reflects their personal creativity.

Thank you all for your mind blowing comments and for your beautiful blogs. They continue to inspire me. I am so proud to be part of this blog revolution.


For Another Place

Paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe -Google Images
On me: Sweater and Shearling Vest, La Rock Crocheted Sweater, Bebe Crocheted Tank Tunic

Have you ever had this feeling while staring at a painting that if you stare hard enough you could be teleported through it? No, I'm not talking about Gumby or any psychedelic substance.. just the pure, intangible, childlike feeling that something mystical could take place through looking. It's a dreamlike sensation that screws with your sense of reality..at least for a moment. I'm fantasizing about a land enveloped with sky. Here in NY, I have to peak through concrete to get a glimpse.

In my opinion the southwest has one of the most beautiful climates in the US.. not to mention the anti-frizz conditions. My mother used to make fun of me for coming home everyday with what she called, "The Hair Report" which was my run down of how well my hair fared against the humidity. I've gotten better at managing my natural curls, but NY weather prevents me from fully taming the best. I am not so vain as to fantasize about New Mexico for the sake of my hair, but I just thought I'd mention an added perk of living there. Most importantly there is this market.

There are two new Ash Fox/ Tit Tees features that I've added to my side bar. BIG thank you to Christian Castillo for my feature on "Hi, I'm Christian", and thank you Urban Outfitters for featuring me on Urban Outfitters Blog.

Edit: I just want to note that although I am wearing some items from Ralf Lauren they were purchased over 3 years ago. I refuse to purchase anything from his brand in the future. While photoshopping is standard practice in the fashion world, Lauren's team took it to another level. He should be ashamed for perpetuating anorexia and for firing Filippa Hamilton unjustly. I will no longer support his brand. While we are on the topic.. I am also adding Karl Lagerfeld to the list of designers who no longer have my respect for his comments this week.


Scott Weiland's Hybrid Style

Photo Credits: Belowempty.com, GettyImages, Corbis, Google Images

Stone Temple Pilots, challenged the grunge of the 90’s with melodic Beatles-y pop, infused with Zepplinesque riffs, tied together with Weiland’s stream of conscious lyrics which conjured images of black clouds and purple flowers. Scott Weiland's music does not neatly fit into any sub genres of rock, yet is unquestionably rock n' roll. Likewise, his style encapsulates the best aspects of rock n’ roll fashion.

After going through the picture archives on belowempty.com (the source for everything STP related) it is clear that Scott Weiland is a true showman who understands that a concert is an audio experience as well as visual spectacle. Weiland's style takes its cues from rock legends such as David Bowie, John Lennon, Keith Richards and Iggy Pop.

If you have seen Scott Weiland live you know what a dynamic performer he is, but for the purposes of this post I will focus on his stage outfit. He is serious musician who clearly has fun dressing up. Weiland has performed wearing Kiss makeup, dressed as Hedwig, and even like a member of Judas Priest. A typical show will go as follows: Weiland takes the stage fully layered and accessorized with a leather jacket, fitted blazer, or fur coat, mirrored aviators, assorted scarves and a hat. After the first few songs, the hat and shades come off and he sheds a layer to reveal a patterned button down, a vintage t-shirt, or a simple white tank. The songs ensue, he dances, and his chemistry with the audience is infectious. For the last two songs including the anthem “Sex Type Thing” Scott is shirtless displaying his lithe torso and arms adorned in tattoos. On one particular STP tour, Scott ended the show by stripping down to nothing more that an American Flag wrapped around his waist. Unfortunately I didn’t have the privilege of being at that show or for any of STP's performances before 2008 (I became a fan a little late in the game). These days he performs in a three piece suit, or a simple blazer accented with a bare chest.

Fortunately for all SW fans Scott Weiland now has a clothing line, a collaboration with Christopher Wicks’ of “English Laundry”. “Scott Weiland for English Laundry” is a collection of blazers, button downs, and vests all evocative of Weiland’s signature look. I assume the collection is intended for a male consumer, but I’m sure girls can also pull it off. I often take men’s clothes to the tailor to get fitted. All this talk about Scott Weiland’s style makes me wonder if I’m more psyched for English Laundry or the upcoming Stone Temple Pilots album?

Check out Scott Weiland for English Laundry here.


Virtual Tokyo Tour

Asaska Market

Conveyor belt sushi

The aftermath of conveyor belt sushi

Macha Tea and Sweets

Wishes tied to a fence in Kamakura

In dungeon bar, "The Lock Up"

The water glass

The Ice Cream Museum- includes flavors such as Macha, Milk, Double Cheese (my fave), and some other interesting flavors such as Soy Sauce Ice Cream, Chicken Wing Ice Cream, Beef Tounge Ice cream (with chunks of beef mixed in..I know this because my friend had the guts to try it), and last but not least CHARCOAL Ice Cream!

Tokyo is an incredible city. I was fortunate to have been invited by one of my best friends. I ate a lot of conveyor belt sushi, convenient store bento boxes, and black sesame ice cream. We subwayed all over the city to Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asaksa, Kamakura, and the Tokyo Contemporary art museum. Some of the highlights were the food, amazing service, adorable old people, and unbelievable street style. I have many stories, but the pictures speak for themselves. I upload some video later on.

Glad to be back in NY.



..post coming soon. for now i leave you with this.


Erica Marie of Fashion Chalet Wears the Red Flame Tee

Erika Marie of Fashion Chalet in the Red Flame Tee

Check out Erika's feature and see more photos at FashionChalet !

..i'm having an amazing time in tokyo. i will do a full update soon!


Big City Rebels

Guns Dress 2.0 Les Chiffoniers latex pants, vintage Whiteing and Davis clutch
photo by Trully

Saturday night I went to see the "Big City Rebels" show at Webster Hall. Jamie and I lamented not being born a generation earlier. However, as we stepped into the venue it felt we had went into a time machine and were transported to 1985. Talk about outfits..leather, latex, leopard, and glam galore. It was a fun spectacle with plenty of lithe, hyped up rockers. Unfortunately I forget most of the names of the bands..save for Wild Streets and the Sex Slaves. Let's hope this party is weekly event!


Badass Chicks: Chrissie Hynde & Juliette Lewis @ Summerstage

Juliette Lewis, Juliette's guitar player, and Chrissie Hynde at Central Park Summerstage

What I wore: Dreamcatcher Dress, Jean Vest

Could I get any more lucky than to see two of my favorite rocker chicks on stage in Central Park? Juliette Lewis opened and revved up the crowd for Cat Power and The Pretenders.

Chrissie Hynde is one of my heroes. She is as naturally beautiful and rocks as hard as when she first started. I love the way she has never changed her style, I love the gray streaks in her hair, and her signature heavily lined eyes. While obviously a style icon, her beauty emanates from her creative spirit and social consciousness. She was quoted in NY Post as saying..

"It makes so little sense, especially now that everybody knows the score as far as the treatment of the animals, the factory farms and the environment -- not to mention the health implications. Why go to the gym every day when you can just eat right? I mean, look how gorgeous I am, and I don't do anything."

I only wish to be as vital, and creative, as Chrissie at 57.


Bad Ass Chicks: Juliette Lewis

I saw Juliette Lewis for the first time playing with Camp Freddy at the Roxy in LA last summer. It was a show full of men until this incredibly talented lady stepped on stage and the energy of the room completely changed. She rocked harder than any male rock star I have ever seen. She is an amazing showwoman. Her voice is loud, powerful, gritty, and upbeat. You can always tell that she is having an amazing time. Her band "Juliette and the Licks" released two hard rocking and insanely catchy albums. "Sticky Honey" was stuck in my head all last summer..and my ring tone happens to be "Hot Kiss". The Licks recently disbanded but Juliette Lewis is releasing a solo album in September, which I am psyched for.

Check out http://www.myspace.com/juliettelewis . Listen to "Terra Incognita" and "Fantasy Bar". Of course rock n' roll and fashion are synonymous with each other. Juliette always looks chic with a rock edge, on and off stage. Would love to see her rocking a Tit Tee some day.

images from: Corbis, Gettyimages, and Google Images


Like a Cat in Heat

So this is the debut of the new Feline Tee. Photos by my buddy Simon Dekleva Hope you like it! Yay for sunshine in NYC!


Singing Souxie's Israel

Israel was amazing. I took a tour a few years back, but this time was a chance for me to relax with my family, and immerse myself in the culture of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a must see city... vibrant, and liberal, with a street life similar to NYC and beaches like Miami. My cousin took me all around the city, introduced me to her incredible group of friends, and we partied every night. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is insane. Whoever said NY was the city that never sleeps must have confused it with Tel Aviv. As an NYC chick I wasn't too prepared for the scorching hot weather. I am not a fan of shorts nor a fan of sandals, but need prevailed. My cousin convinced me that I need a decent pair of sandals and I found the beauties above. Excuse my foot! haha!


Mark Weiss Exibition and Atlantic City Shenanigans

When we imagine the rock n' roll icon it is often not the music that first comes to mind. The myth and the glamour of a rock n' roll, pop culture icon and the marvel that we experience from the artifacts of decades of rock gone by lies in the images. Although musicians themselves embody the rock n' roll persona, it is refined and crafted by the photographer who is able to capture the energy of the music without sound. Mark Weiss is an iconic and legendary rock and roll photographer who is responsible for capturing these milestones. This weekend Weiss had his first solo exhibition at the Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. Even if you do not know Mark Weiss by name you have definitely seen his work. Weiss is responsible for the photos that made our favorite musicians and actors into legends. Weiss is incredibly prolific with work spanning from the late 70's till today. His current exhibition chronicles his work from the 70's through the early 90's. Check out http://www.markweissgallery.com/ and you will be amazed at how many of your favorite album covers, and photos were shot by him. Mark Weiss he has truly lived the life of a rock and roll great, yet he has remained incredibly humble. The show honors the amazing contribution that Mark Weiss has made to our experience of pop culture.

Alex and I had the pleasure of being personally invited by Mark to his opening. We trekked out to Atlantic City (port authority bus and all), and got a well needed breather from Manhattan. The gallery was filled with photos from everyone from Guns' N Roses, to Blondie, to Cher. We had fun checking out the show and the Boogie Nights nightclub. It was especially cool to see Mark in one of my own creations. If I must say so myself, he looks amazing in that Tit Tie!


Rock of Jamie

I'm wearing a Norma Kamali for Walmart Dress (15 bucks baby)-- it was too long so I sliced it, Stuart Weitzman boots, (not pictured), and an amazing new necklace from an Israeli designer that my cousin gave me as a gift. I never take it off. I layered it with a cheap F21 chain that I picked up for $7. The belt is also from F21. It was part of a display, not for sale, and had no price tag. I convinced the sales girl to take it off the display and sell it to me. I snagged that baby for $11.

Thursday night, we celebrated my friend Jamie's birthday at the Empire Hotel. If you recognize her it's because she is from last season's Rock of Love Bus. It was fun watching the episodes with her as they aired. How insane are her shoes?!? I don't know how she was able to dance, let alone walk in those. She is an awesome chick, and we are both hard core rock and roll devotees. The blond is my best friend, and incredible musician, Alex. His talent blows me away. My friends have so many interesting projects in the works. I'll be sure to keep you all updated.