Virtual Tokyo Tour

Asaska Market

Conveyor belt sushi

The aftermath of conveyor belt sushi

Macha Tea and Sweets

Wishes tied to a fence in Kamakura

In dungeon bar, "The Lock Up"

The water glass

The Ice Cream Museum- includes flavors such as Macha, Milk, Double Cheese (my fave), and some other interesting flavors such as Soy Sauce Ice Cream, Chicken Wing Ice Cream, Beef Tounge Ice cream (with chunks of beef mixed in..I know this because my friend had the guts to try it), and last but not least CHARCOAL Ice Cream!

Tokyo is an incredible city. I was fortunate to have been invited by one of my best friends. I ate a lot of conveyor belt sushi, convenient store bento boxes, and black sesame ice cream. We subwayed all over the city to Harajuku, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Asaksa, Kamakura, and the Tokyo Contemporary art museum. Some of the highlights were the food, amazing service, adorable old people, and unbelievable street style. I have many stories, but the pictures speak for themselves. I upload some video later on.

Glad to be back in NY.



..post coming soon. for now i leave you with this.


Erica Marie of Fashion Chalet Wears the Red Flame Tee

Erika Marie of Fashion Chalet in the Red Flame Tee

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..i'm having an amazing time in tokyo. i will do a full update soon!