Behind the scenes...

This past August was our first full scale Tit Tees photo shoot. It was shot by Eric Nirina at the W Hotel. There were 11 models, 2 stylists, 1 art director, and 1 makeup artist, all packed into a W luxury suite. Complete madness!

The song playing is "Rockstarlivin" by NYC band The Dirty Pearls. If you are ever in NYC when the Pearls are playing you gotta go see them! They are a total balls out, in your face, good ol' fashioned rock n'roll band..the kind you've had a hankering for since the early 90's. Love em'.


Next week I will be posting an interview with Tommy London, frontman for the Dirty Pearls and I will be styling him for The Dirty Pearls' next show, April 25th at the Bowery Ballroom.


Mama Fox

Talented, beautiful, & hilarious New York comedian, Robin Fox is in Cindy Adam's column in today's NY Post!

Besides being a comedian Robin Fox is also my Mama Fox :)

Check out the article Here!

Check out www.robinfoxcomedy.com for her show schedule.


Shop Tit Tees Online!

While the Tit Tees website is being designed I am posting some items up on the new Tit Tees Etsy shop: www.tittees.etsy.com

I just posted the Shredded Cross tee that I am wearing in the post below. If you have any requests for what I should list on Etsy next let me know!



Kitchen Antics

Posing posing posing posing in the Shredded Cross Tee.

I know there are so many pics of the same item, but I couldn't choose a fave.


Cameron Justice Shoot for Brownstone Mag

Feather Tee

I love my Tit Tees Tee

Rocktress Tank and Sailor Tie

Cameron met me at my place and said we were going to do a quick shoot. Little did he know I had about 5 outfits planned. He stayed for over an hour and we had fun chatting about Tit Tees and his photography.

Check out the Brownstone article by Lauren Furlong here



Late Night

Ivy in the "I Love My Tit Tees" Tee


I love Tit Tees SO much that I...

Wear them in the shower.

Sleep with them.

Wear them while rocking out.. in bed.

I Love a Man in Sequins

Alex: Red Flame Tank

Jackson: Ace of Hearts Tank

Alex:Lightning Bolt Tank, Vicky: Red Flame Dress


So much in store...

Tit Tees was founded in NYC in 2007 as a streetwear label for ladies and gents that produces limited edition designs―each intricately crafted, but rough around the edges. Every Tit Tee is different, because Tit Tees are handmade and we choose to leave evidence of human handcraftsmanship. Today, most streetwear labels outsource and mass produce. Our brand philosophy is to support business at home and provide our customers with a product that is uniquely their own. The name Tit Tees is a punk rock statement of body love with a feminist punch.

This will be the place for Tit Tees style inspirations, behind the scenes videos, images from photo-shoots, event listings, and interviews with NYC musicians, artists, and models.

Tit Tees are sold in stores in the tri- state area. Our online store is coming soon.

For any shopping inquiries e-mail ttclothing@gmail.com !


Rock City

Jordan in the Ace of Hearts Tank

Me: Wrap Around Me Tee, Vicky: Guns Tee/Dress, Anthony John: Cross VNeck, Tommy: Lightning Bolt Tank

Wrap Around Me Tee

We were in the middle of an impromptu switch from The Gershwin Hotel to the W. In the interim we were hanging out on the street. Eric was shooting candid shots, when a mom and her pre-teen kids passes by and suddenly gets very excited. "Which ROCK BAND are you???" she asks. So Anthony John says, "We're 'Rock City'". The lady took a picture of us... too funny! Maybe you had to be there?


Guns Tee/Dress

Red Flame Tee/Dress