Bad Reputation

As much as I love a good film, I rarely go the movies. The truth is, most Hollywood films bore me. Films intended for a female audience (chick flicks) tend to be embarrassing to our sex. That being said, I'm dying to see the "The Runaways", because not only is it one of my favorite genres, a biopic, it's a rock biopic about one of the first all girl rock bands. Of course I'm going in with the expectation that the story will play like a glorified "Behind the Music" episode. For some reason the cliché "sex, drugs and rock n' roll” story entices me again and again. Even if “The Runaways” script is mediocre at best, we can still expect a killer wardrobe and soundtrack.

When I heard Kristen Stewart would be playing Joan Jett, I was skeptic. However, after seeing the trailer I can't imagine any other actress who could wear Joan's iconic mullet as well as Kristen.

I watched a few recent performances and interviews with Joan Jett, and she happens to be vibrant as ever. I love female rockers, because they refuse to shrivel up and go into hiding. Like Souxsie, and Chrissie, Joan is in her 50's and can still pull off an all leather-clad ensemble. The photo on the upper left hand corner of my collage is RECENT! Again, it's my theory..stay creative, do what you love, and nature will reward you.

I came across these two great interviews in which Joan spawns the following quotes...

"People say are you a tough girl? I mean can handle myself if I need to, but I don't go around looking for trouble".

"I want a certain sort of fame. When they write the ultimate rock n' roll history book, I want my name to be there, standing for something."

"People always said to me, 'Why don't you dress like a girl? Why don't you wear a dress, wear your hair different or have a lighter image?’..Even if I were still in school I wouldn't have gone to prom, I wouldn’t put on a prom dress for any money. No way! That's like posing nude for me."


I didn't go to prom either. We need more role models like Joan Jett..and every little girl should have Joan Jett Barbie.


Jigsaw Feeling

With the abundance of black and goth inspired fashion on the Fall '09 runways, I found it absurd that no magazine did a Siouxsie Sioux inspired editorial. Interview magazine's December cover of Penelope Cruz was the only thing that came close, with Penelope channeling Siouxsie's signature eye makeup and eyebrows. John Richmond paid homage in his Spring 2010 collection with Siouxsie graphic tees. Unfortunately, I'll never own one, since John Richmond still hasn't opened an NYC location.

It goes with out saying what a sick performer and vocalist Siouxsie is, but her style is unsurpassed. I love the way she makes classic black and white interesting. She would often perform in a tuxedo. A tux is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear..blows mini skirts out of the water. It shouldn't come as a suprise that I idolize this woman. Notice the tee! My collage focuses mostly on her face, but you can easily google her and find plenty of over the top outfits.

Classic Tracks.. "Christine", "Jigsaw Feeling", "Metal Postcard", "Cities in Dust", "Oh Baby"

Happy Holidays!


Rock Show

Ace of Hearts tee

Found these shots while digging through an old hard drive. These were shot by Eric Nirina, Summer '08 at the Bailterspace Bowery Ballroom show.


Beauty Crisis Vintage

Photos by Worm Carnevale, Clothes by Beauty Crisis Vintage

It was a total ball being transformed through three decades of fashion. Eva Weiss owns an amazing eclectic vintage store in the East Village, Beauty Crisis Vintage. If you are local or are visiting Manhattan anytime soon, be sure to stop by her shop. You can also shop Beauty Crisis Online here. I interviewed Eva to learn a bit more about her love of vintage...

How long have you been collecting vintage? What was your first piece of vintage clothing?

I have been collecting vintage since I was around 16 .. the first memorable piece was a 1940's men's wool trench coat, with pinstripes. I wore it all the time.

What is your favorite period in fashion?

30's and 40's for fit and textures but 70's but functionality. The 70's were kind of a modified 40's, but less structured. Wide leg pants, fitted blazers, high waisted, masculine but sexy.

How would you describe your personal style?

Soccer mom meets East Village. Preppy and classic with a bit of an edge.

What are some popular trends in vintage clothing? What are your best sellers?

80's is not dying off and seems here to stay. 60's and 70's is selling will. Michelle Obama has brought the classic cardi back, which has helped a lot. The biggest recent trend is sweater clips, which have been featured in the TV show GLEE. I have sold 15 in last few weeks. (will send or upload pics to website.

Describe your favorite vintage piece.

A fully sequined Sweater / jacket. It is a AB sequin and has floral swirls with cut outs in between the florals. It was hand made in Hong Kong in the 1960's. I found it at the Fairfax flea market, under a table in a Mexican woven handbag. It costs $10!! I still have it in store as my iconic piece.

Who is your ultimate style icon?

Katherine Hepburn and Coco Chanel (obvious but the truth) are the first two who come to mind, but I have many ..

Do you find your store attracts a particular kind of client?

I seem to attract ladies who like something that sparkles! I tend to load up the jewelry in the front window and I think that is what pulls them in. My repeat customers come back because I always give them good prices and will answers loads of questions. I get a lot of people looking for last minute stuff and I am glad to help them find it. Hence, the name, Beauty Crisis!