Collage using screen shots from STP's "Interstate Love Song" directed by Kevin Kerslake

As you can see..I'm still on my 90's binge. So, in order to complete my full 90's look I need a fluffy, shaggy, feathery, downright over-the-top coat. There was a bit of a glam revival in the 90's, but it wasn't like 70's glam.. it had more grit. The feathery 90's jacket was dirty. I've been searching for 90's music videos that feature the crazy fluffster, but all I could find was Shirley's shaggy one in the "Vow" video and Scott's pink feather one in "Interstate Love Song". I am aware of the abundance of fluffy, shaggy and feathery vests this season, but they're not the same. If you are gonna go for the look..you gotta go full on.

You can thank me for finding several affordable options. I want one in every color.

reddish pink 90's blue multi purple (each color is a link to a coat)

Try to ignore the cheesiness of the smiling model in the links above. I have a strong feeling that the jackets will look dope on anyone else. Oh.. and if you are thinking.."What do I need a coat for? I'm already thinking about spring". Well, we have two more months of winter to go, and I'll be wearing mine throughout the summer.

Dalipstickbandit Give Away

Felicia aka Dalipstickbandit, is a fabulous blogger and makeup artist who has just launched a line of beauty products. She's having her launch party on February 4th, from 6-10 pm at Madame X (94 W. Houston St). Hope to see some of my NY readers there!

In honor of Felicia's launch, I'm hosting a giveaway for "
The Double Trouble Beauty Combo". The combo includes a 2 oz sugar scrub (made with whipped mango butter, coconut oil and other essential oils) and a 2 oz body butter (made with shea and cocoa butter whipped with a cocktail of essential oils). The combo comes in a CocoNilla Scent which is a Sudanese coconut mixed with sweet french vanilla.

To win the combo..just be the first to send me a direct message on Twitter. My twitter handle is @AshFoxStyle . Good luck!


Teen Spirit

This is my take on the mid 90's color palette inspired by music video directors like Samuel Bayer, and Kevin Kerslake. "Vow" by Garbage provided the perfect soundtrack while shooting.


When it Rains

Collage inspired by Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When it Rains", Directed by Samuel Bayer

Lately I'm on a Garbage kick..well, a 90's kick in general. It's possible that my nostalgia is due to the fact that we've hit the 20 year mark. The music of the 90's never went stale for me, but the aesthetic sure did. I never imagined turquoise eyeshadow was acceptable on the street, until yesterday. My crushed velvet orange purse is finally getting some use. The 90's aesthetic was all about complimentary colors, contrasting patterns/textures, fish eye, and blur effects. Stay tuned for my take on the 90's look, next post...


Robert Orlando X Ash Fox Collabo

Robert Orlando is a motion picture and commercial director, who is currently adding photography to his repertoire. Recently, we've been collaborating on a few creative projects such as a highly stylized commercial for which Robert was the Director and I served as Production Designer. We work well together because we share a similar aesthetic, and value the way all the little details add up to the big picture. We are also both Ellen Von Unwerth fans. Currently we are working on a series of photo shoots with models (Robert will shoot, I'll style). There are a few wild concepts floating around, some of which evoke a film noir style. Robert's film background highly influences his approach to his photography. He imagines the model as a character with a back-story. A few weeks ago, we experimented with me in front of the lens. I look forward to sharing the results of our future collaborations.