Chrissie Cool

A thick tie usually brings to mind a wall street shark in an ill fitting, boxy cut suit..or Chrisse Hynde. She is one of the few people who can make a thick tie look cool. Beauty and confidence seems to radiates from her. I think the secret to staying eternally young and beautiful is not necessarily being a vegan (in Chrissie's case) but continually creating, dreaming, chipping away at new ideas and attempting to contribute to society. I had a professor in college who was so vibrant and young in both spirit and appearance..he looked no older than 60..the man was a 77 year old artist (he was one of the first people to experiment with video as an artform and continues to make and show his work.

The Pretenders released their new album "Break up the Concrete" a few months ago. Her voice is pure and crisp, her iconic pop/rock songs are girl power anthems. She is constantly on tour bringing unsurpassed energy. Chrissie forbids meat products from entering the venues she plays. Beauty is standing by your convictions. Chrissie Hynde is one of the few celebrity rockers who has not been injected, cut open, and molded. I love Chrissie's natural low maintenance look, her signature bangs, her t-shirts and jeans.

I do a lot of ranting here on some of my heroes, but it's because there are very few mainstream celebrities who aren't famous for any reason other than being what our current mainstream society thinks is valuable.. fame for fame's sake. The idea of internal beauty is a commonplace truism, but credit should be given when credit is due. I like to use my blog as a platform to recognize creators who have a strong personal aesthetic that reflects their personal creativity.

Thank you all for your mind blowing comments and for your beautiful blogs. They continue to inspire me. I am so proud to be part of this blog revolution.


For Another Place

Paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe -Google Images
On me: Sweater and Shearling Vest, La Rock Crocheted Sweater, Bebe Crocheted Tank Tunic

Have you ever had this feeling while staring at a painting that if you stare hard enough you could be teleported through it? No, I'm not talking about Gumby or any psychedelic substance.. just the pure, intangible, childlike feeling that something mystical could take place through looking. It's a dreamlike sensation that screws with your sense of reality..at least for a moment. I'm fantasizing about a land enveloped with sky. Here in NY, I have to peak through concrete to get a glimpse.

In my opinion the southwest has one of the most beautiful climates in the US.. not to mention the anti-frizz conditions. My mother used to make fun of me for coming home everyday with what she called, "The Hair Report" which was my run down of how well my hair fared against the humidity. I've gotten better at managing my natural curls, but NY weather prevents me from fully taming the best. I am not so vain as to fantasize about New Mexico for the sake of my hair, but I just thought I'd mention an added perk of living there. Most importantly there is this market.

There are two new Ash Fox/ Tit Tees features that I've added to my side bar. BIG thank you to Christian Castillo for my feature on "Hi, I'm Christian", and thank you Urban Outfitters for featuring me on Urban Outfitters Blog.

Edit: I just want to note that although I am wearing some items from Ralf Lauren they were purchased over 3 years ago. I refuse to purchase anything from his brand in the future. While photoshopping is standard practice in the fashion world, Lauren's team took it to another level. He should be ashamed for perpetuating anorexia and for firing Filippa Hamilton unjustly. I will no longer support his brand. While we are on the topic.. I am also adding Karl Lagerfeld to the list of designers who no longer have my respect for his comments this week.


Scott Weiland's Hybrid Style

Photo Credits: Belowempty.com, GettyImages, Corbis, Google Images

Stone Temple Pilots, challenged the grunge of the 90’s with melodic Beatles-y pop, infused with Zepplinesque riffs, tied together with Weiland’s stream of conscious lyrics which conjured images of black clouds and purple flowers. Scott Weiland's music does not neatly fit into any sub genres of rock, yet is unquestionably rock n' roll. Likewise, his style encapsulates the best aspects of rock n’ roll fashion.

After going through the picture archives on belowempty.com (the source for everything STP related) it is clear that Scott Weiland is a true showman who understands that a concert is an audio experience as well as visual spectacle. Weiland's style takes its cues from rock legends such as David Bowie, John Lennon, Keith Richards and Iggy Pop.

If you have seen Scott Weiland live you know what a dynamic performer he is, but for the purposes of this post I will focus on his stage outfit. He is serious musician who clearly has fun dressing up. Weiland has performed wearing Kiss makeup, dressed as Hedwig, and even like a member of Judas Priest. A typical show will go as follows: Weiland takes the stage fully layered and accessorized with a leather jacket, fitted blazer, or fur coat, mirrored aviators, assorted scarves and a hat. After the first few songs, the hat and shades come off and he sheds a layer to reveal a patterned button down, a vintage t-shirt, or a simple white tank. The songs ensue, he dances, and his chemistry with the audience is infectious. For the last two songs including the anthem “Sex Type Thing” Scott is shirtless displaying his lithe torso and arms adorned in tattoos. On one particular STP tour, Scott ended the show by stripping down to nothing more that an American Flag wrapped around his waist. Unfortunately I didn’t have the privilege of being at that show or for any of STP's performances before 2008 (I became a fan a little late in the game). These days he performs in a three piece suit, or a simple blazer accented with a bare chest.

Fortunately for all SW fans Scott Weiland now has a clothing line, a collaboration with Christopher Wicks’ of “English Laundry”. “Scott Weiland for English Laundry” is a collection of blazers, button downs, and vests all evocative of Weiland’s signature look. I assume the collection is intended for a male consumer, but I’m sure girls can also pull it off. I often take men’s clothes to the tailor to get fitted. All this talk about Scott Weiland’s style makes me wonder if I’m more psyched for English Laundry or the upcoming Stone Temple Pilots album?

Check out Scott Weiland for English Laundry here.