Like a Cat in Heat

So this is the debut of the new Feline Tee. Photos by my buddy Simon Dekleva Hope you like it! Yay for sunshine in NYC!


Singing Souxie's Israel

Israel was amazing. I took a tour a few years back, but this time was a chance for me to relax with my family, and immerse myself in the culture of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a must see city... vibrant, and liberal, with a street life similar to NYC and beaches like Miami. My cousin took me all around the city, introduced me to her incredible group of friends, and we partied every night. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is insane. Whoever said NY was the city that never sleeps must have confused it with Tel Aviv. As an NYC chick I wasn't too prepared for the scorching hot weather. I am not a fan of shorts nor a fan of sandals, but need prevailed. My cousin convinced me that I need a decent pair of sandals and I found the beauties above. Excuse my foot! haha!