Big City Rebels

Guns Dress 2.0 Les Chiffoniers latex pants, vintage Whiteing and Davis clutch
photo by Trully

Saturday night I went to see the "Big City Rebels" show at Webster Hall. Jamie and I lamented not being born a generation earlier. However, as we stepped into the venue it felt we had went into a time machine and were transported to 1985. Talk about outfits..leather, latex, leopard, and glam galore. It was a fun spectacle with plenty of lithe, hyped up rockers. Unfortunately I forget most of the names of the bands..save for Wild Streets and the Sex Slaves. Let's hope this party is weekly event!


Badass Chicks: Chrissie Hynde & Juliette Lewis @ Summerstage

Juliette Lewis, Juliette's guitar player, and Chrissie Hynde at Central Park Summerstage

What I wore: Dreamcatcher Dress, Jean Vest

Could I get any more lucky than to see two of my favorite rocker chicks on stage in Central Park? Juliette Lewis opened and revved up the crowd for Cat Power and The Pretenders.

Chrissie Hynde is one of my heroes. She is as naturally beautiful and rocks as hard as when she first started. I love the way she has never changed her style, I love the gray streaks in her hair, and her signature heavily lined eyes. While obviously a style icon, her beauty emanates from her creative spirit and social consciousness. She was quoted in NY Post as saying..

"It makes so little sense, especially now that everybody knows the score as far as the treatment of the animals, the factory farms and the environment -- not to mention the health implications. Why go to the gym every day when you can just eat right? I mean, look how gorgeous I am, and I don't do anything."

I only wish to be as vital, and creative, as Chrissie at 57.