Alex York

photos by ASH FOX

My favorite snaps of the wildly talented singer, songwriter, Alex York.


Ruby Tuesday: Part 1

It’s Tuesday night and as any real New Yorker knows, it’s the best night to go out. The streets are clear, the suits are in bed, and a certain spot becomes a rock n' roll playgrounds for those who’d rather experience to live music than sit on their bum watching bad tv or dancing in their underwear to muffled noise coming out of crappy computer speakers. I'm talking about Ruby Tuesday at Don Hills. Have you ever heard the fairytale “The 12 Dancing Princesses”? After the kingdom was asleep the princesses would tip toe through a secret passageway that led to a beautiful lagoon with gondolas waiting to take them to the fairytale version of a hip club with handsome princes. Ruby Tuesday is pretty much the rock n’ roll version of this story, except my gondola is a yellow taxi cab bringing me to Don Hills in Tribeca. From 12am- 3am live bands play raw rock n’ roll. This is a live rock n' roll party happening in the middle of the night.

Here’s a small sampling of what’s been going down the last few weeks.


The Nuclears are a Brooklyn band that plays hard. They could make even the most uptight person let loose. Nick Vivid is the modern day Iggy Pop, with moves, swagger, pipes and bare chest to keep you screaming “MORE”. The songs are a cross between NY Dolls and The Stooges, it’s rock n’ roll you can dance to.


Max is King is a collaboration between Nick Fowler and Art Lynn. Nick is a gifted lyricist, given he’s an acclaimed author. Art Lynn lives up to his Jim Morrison image with his guitar chops, looking every bit the rock star in his practically painted on leather pants.


Malachi are a country duo from Pennsylvania whose music put me in a trance. There is an indescribable depth to their music. Moody, melodic, and transportive are all I can come up with. They’re a band you have to experience. After the show I spent a few hours playing and replaying their tracks on the band’s MySpace.


The Dead Ex’s are David Patillo and Wiley Wirth. It’s baffling how much sound and energy can come out of a twosome. The Dead Ex’s play classic rock n’ roll spiked with a little Southern Comfort.


Dirty and Naughty ooze classic rock n’ roll charisma. There’s a whole lotta love happening on stage. They’re also are sharp dressers. Gass is one of the few people who can pull off leopard on leopard. The band is everything their name implies, naughty, rock n’ roll for your listening pleasure.

The bands are the main event, but Ruby Tuesday is also a dance party attracting many familiar faces from the downtown scene, with other special guests.

DJ's Ian El Derado & Kelle Calco

Me/ Ash Fox and Jeffree Star

Photos by ASH FOX Edited by KELLE CALCO

RUBY TUESDAY is a weekly ROCK N ROLL BOUTIQUE at the new DON HILLS showcasing cream of the crop classic rock inspired bands, DJs & personalities in SOUND & STYLE curated by Club Calco every Tuesday. ADMISSION IS FREE!

"Have you heard what's hapnin down at the new Don Hill's man?! We're gonna rub real shoulders and showcase no less than the highest standard of whats shakin man! LIVE and ELECTRIFIED! Righteous Rock N Rollers that write songs and carry the torch, struttin the sex, spreading the good genes and blue jeans around alright? Bands, bitches, bottles and boy wonders! Spankin that city into a natural groove! Trip down 6th to Soho man! Long hair, hookers, sinkers & action alright! Don't hide in your hood and whine 'Where have all the good times gone?" Don't wallow in worlds of words, ruins, relics, records, fossils and photographs. Don't ride the train into dungeouns full of rubber brains. Are you stuck in a scene with three dicks and no team? It's no wonder nobody knows your name! Keep it sexy or stay out you stubborn mother! Love it all and live it now girlfriend. Release! The guitars, the glamour. The models & musicians. The good head & fancy threads! Roll the stone! Dig the dylan! Rep the zeppelin baby! I'm talkin bout my generation! I'm back in the New York groove! I'm waitin for my man!" -Kelle Calco

For more information and band interviews check out ClubCalco.com
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"Pop" was my first word. Found this one lying around from last year.