Rock N' Roll Style Guide: Keith Richards

"Fashion thinks more about me than what I think about it" says Keith, and I'm not surprised. When you're Keith Richards entire collections are built around you. Does Balmain Fall 2010 come to mind? Keith Richards is a classic rock star for a reason, he hasn't changed his signature sound or style in the past 40 years. When you have a good thing going..why change?

Style Breakdown: Glam, hippie, pirate, gypsy. Perfectly tailored suits accented with statement pieces (feather boas, sequin waistcoats, printed scarves, velvet bell bottoms). The frame of mind that you must wear everything you'd need for a month long tour all at once.

The Essentials
  • Layers: You see a hint of polka dot underneath a pin striped blazer, a paisley scarf braided with a solid one. His layers and pattern mixing keep you wondering "what's underneath?". Layering should work is such a way that each layer you remove still reveals a complete look. Even if you're shirtless! When Keith removed a layer there were always necklaces and scarfs underneath. Not every layer has to be a statement piece, the statement is the completed look. You can add variation and contrast by mixing layers with prints all in the same color scheme, or by wearing a few different textured or colored fabrics in similar prints.
  • Bell Bottoms: Tight on the thigh, belled below the knee, in jean, crushed velvet, and leather.
  • The Perfect Suit: Well cut, high-waisted, and three-piece.
  • Glam Accessories: Feather boas, sequin vests, leather cuffs, silk scarfs, statement belts

Get Keith Richards' look..etro top $380, mathew williamson vest $1000+, lucky brand necklace $39, lucky brand scarf $50, lucky brand leather belt $49, jbrand jeans $180, cavalli top $580, isabel marant earrings $120, lucky brand fabric belt$50, lucky brand shoes $110

I recommend finding less expensive versions of the tops in stores like Zara or Century 21. Another option is scouring the men's sale racks at department stores. Guys are less likely to purchase wild prints and smaller sizes are often left over and heavily discounted. Despite it's $1,000 price tag, I like that this vest is a nuetral color which makes layering easy. A great sequin vest shouldn't be hard to find in a vintage store. The Lucky Brand accessories are great for finishing off the look... lots of authentic looking accessories at a fairly reasonable price.


Sher said...

Oh I love how you break down his style! All these pieces are definitely so you:)


Anna G said...

Richards is quite an icon. That vest is lovely, I would so buy it if I had the money.

McDade said...

fucking LOVE this post!!

Aimee said...

I would wear that Cavalli top everywhere and every day.

In Class, En Vogue

Winnie said...

I love this post. I remember when I used to wear flares a lot...but I bought them in totally the wrong shape and they swamped me!

Le Plee said...

in love with rock´n´roll!

Greeting from Slovakia,

Le Plee :)


Robyn said...

I love the pieces you chose. I was especially pleased to see the low price of that Lucky necklace.

J. said...

Great post! I love his boots in the very first picture...hot!

JoaNNa said...

great picks! loooove the scarf ;)


AR said...

Great post. It's awesome to see those iconic images broken down into actual wardrobe items. You have a tremendous knowledge of fashion to be able to reference pieces from photos like that!

Emilie said...

Great post! Love it!

Anonymous said...

did i ever mention how much i love this post... why is it always so appealing to dress like a rock'n'roll man? i don't know but it sure is

closet obsessions said...

those j brands are KILLER. <3


Anonymous said...

loooove this post...Richards is my man style icon! following :)


Yorkey said...

Make a Hendrix one like this please!