The Music of Ladyland

Astro Erie

David Alva of Stoned Fire

Bobby Flores and Sammy Valentine

Ian El Derado

Jeffrey Clark Grossman

Jeremy Limpkin and Guy Furrow

Kelle Calco

Lipsy Velvet

Lady Valtronic

Jessica Paige, Sammy Valentine and me hidden by hair

Ladyland at the Hudson Hotel Library Room from August 5, 2010

photos by ASH FOX edited by KELLE CALCO

The above photos are the results of me whirling around Ladyland with a camera in hand.

The party gets better and better each week. I'll say it again, Ladyland is the closest thing to 54 in 2010. Come for the fashion, the friends, the spectacle of it all, but mainly for the music...
As visually stylish as the attendees are, you can't capture the music stylings in photos. Resident rockstar DJs, Kelle Calco and Guy Furrow have the finesse to know when to play to the present mood of the party and when to transform the mood completely. They play a rock/punk/glam/ funk/soul potpourri, but each have a distinctive methodology in how they arrange their sets. Instead of the usual top 40 club hits, or the hipster-- "it's only cool if it's indie and unknown" stuff, they play what they like. Guest DJs Ian El Derado, Marty E, Sammy Valentine, and others pop in from week to week adding another layer of rock n' roll goodness to the music menu. Ladyland's DJs have so much style that there's no need to look at the DJ booth to know to whose spinning.

LADYLAND : A ROCK N ROLL DANCE PARTY about Love, Light, Laughter, Ecstasy, Inebriation, Grit, and Glamour spreading and celebrating the spirit of a real and infectious musical sound which christened a lifestyle of liberation, libation, and celestial satisfaction. This is a place for souls who know that god still needs guitars and hearts don't beat to a click track. As one million dreamers tap their toes and tune into Jagger's lips and lyrics spitting on and all about the streets of New York....the very streets that we’re groovin on tonight.....we will be the faces they dream of, and this, my friend, is where those faces will meet. Come play with fire and paint it black. Come dance, little sister, dance with a motley cast of muppets, models, and musicians every Thursday at The Library in Hudson Hotel, Hell's Kitchen, NYC. EVERY THURSDAY, 11 PM – 4 AM"


LF said...

great shots chick! nicely captured!

jess s//

ps//I'm asking for everyones opinion on some business card//logo ideas, i would love yours:

JordanMayTwigs said...

Sweetie thank you for the invite!!!
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
To be apart of all this madness.

In fact I might actually be in the city at the beginning of next week.
Doing a photo shoot with a good friend.
Who wanted to take me out after.
So maybe we can hang out??

E-mail me sweetie::

And we'll figure something out.
Sound groovy to you sweets??



Eli said...

ladyland sounds like a hella good time!


Haute World said...

Love these photos! I think most cities severely lack a place like this. Most rock clubs here either focus on classic 80s metal or do a weird rendition of goth (which includes a lot of Cure covers bands).

Susan said...

oh wow... always the coolest people :)

According to Nicky said...

Cool pictures! XX Nicky

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Adrianna Traxler said...

What an awesome crowd..they are soo cool and eccentric

Anonymous said...

awwww.. they are so rock and roll..

and i like the pictures..

What is Reality Anyway? said...

you know i looove it

AR said...

Fantastic photos as always. You capture such telling moments at the event.